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Far-ultraviolet and visible imaging of the nucleus of M321

AA Cole, JS Gallagher, JR Mould, JT Clarke, JT Trauger, AM Watson, GE Ballester, CJ Burrows, S Casertano, D Crisp, RE Griffiths, CJ Grillmair, J Jeff Hester, JG Hoessel, JA Holtzman, PA Scowen, KR Stapelfeldt, JR Westphal

Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1998


We have imaged the nucleus of M32 at 1600 Å (FUV) and 5500 Å (V) using the Wide-Field/Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) aboard the Hubble Space Telescope. We detected the nucleus at 1600 A using the redleak-free Woods filter on WFPC2. The far-ultraviolet (FUV) light profile can be fitted with a Gaussian of FWHM 0″.46 (4.6 pixels) but cannot be resolved into individual stars; no UV-bright nuclear structure was detected. The (FUV -V) color of the nucleus is 4.9 ± 0.3, which is consistent with earlier observations. We are unable to confirm any radial variation in (FUV -V) within 0″.8 of the nucleus; beyond that radius the FUV surface brightness drops below our detection threshold. We also performed su..

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