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Imaging of the EGG nebula (CRL 2688) with WFPC2/IIST: A history of AGB/POST-AGB giant branch mass loss

R Sahai, JT Trauger, AM Watson, KR Stapelfeldt, JJ Hester, CJ Burrows, GE Ballister, JT Clarke, D Crisp, RW Evans, JS Gallagher, RE Griffiths, JG Hoessel, JA Holtzman, JR Mould, PA Scowen, JA Westphal

The Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1998


The proto-planetary nebula, CRL 2688, has been imaged through a wideband filter centered at 606 nm (F606W) with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 onboard the Hubble Space Telescope. CRL 2688 is the prototypical bipolar reflection nebula in which a star is surrounded by a dense, flattened cocoon of dust seen nearly edge-on and starlight escapes preferentially along the polar directions producing a pair of bright nebulosities, one above and one below the equatorial plane. We find a pair of radial "searchlight beams" emerging from within the dusty cocoon which intersect at the position expected for the central star when extrapolated inside the cocoon. The beams are crisscrossed by a large numbe..

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