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Stellar populations in the dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 147

M Han, JG Hoessel, JS Gallagher, J Holtzman, PB Stetson, J Trauger, GE Ballester, C Burrows, J Clarke, D Crisp, R Griffiths, C Grillmair, J Hester, J Krist, JR Mould, P Scowen, K Stapelfeldt, A Watson, J Westphal

The Astronomical Journal | Published : 1997


Deep V and I CCD images in a central and an outer field of the Local Group dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 147 have been obtained with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera-2 (WFPC2) on board of the Hubble Space Telescope. The color-magnitude diagram shows a number of interesting features, including a well defined red giant branch (RGB), a red horizontal branch (HB), a strong red clump, and a small number of extended asymptotic giant branch (EAGB) stars. A mean distance modulus of (m-M)0=24.39 is derived based on both the HB and the RGB tip brightness. The metallicity [Fe/H] as determined from the RGB color has a mean value of -0.91 in the central field, and -1.0 in the outer field; and the outer ..

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