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Observations and implications of the star formation history of the large magellanic cloud

JA Holtzman, JS Gallagher, AA Cole, JR Mould, CJ Grillmair, GE Ballester, CJ Burrows, JT Clarke, D Crisp, RW Evans, RE Griffiths, JJ Hester, JG Hoessel, PA Scowen, KR Stapelfeldt, JT Trauger, AM Watson



We present derivations of star formation histories based on color-magnitude diagrams of three fields in the LMC from HST/WFPC2 observations. One field is located in the LMC bar and the other two are in the outer disk. We find that a significant component of stars older than 4 Gyr is required to match the observed color-magnitude diagrams. Models with a dispersion-free age-metallicity relation are unable to reproduce the width of the observed main sequence; models with a range of metallicity at a given age provide a much better fit. Such models allow us to construct complete "population boxes" for the LMC based entirely on color-magnitude diagrams; remarkably, these qualitatively reproduce th..

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