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New cepheid distances to nearby galaxies based on BVRI CCD photometry III. NGC 300

WL Freedman, BF Madore, SL Hawley, IK Horowitz, J Mould, M Navarrete, S Sallmen

Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1992


A true distance modulus of (m - M)0 = 26.66 ± 0.10 mag (corresponding to 2.1 ± 0.1 Mpc) has been determined for the Sculptor Group spiral galaxy NGC 300. New CCD data have been obtained for a sample of known Cepheids in this galaxy from which apparent distance moduli at B, V, R, and / wavelengths are determined. Combining the data available at different wavelengths, and assuming a true distance modulus to the LMC of 18.5 mag, a true distance modulus is obtained for NGC 300, corrected for the effects of interstellar reddening. The availability of a new distance to NGC 300 brings to five the total number of galaxies with new CCD photometry of Cepheids, useful for calibration of the Hubble cons..

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