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Carbon stars at high galactic latitude

G Bothun, JH Elias, G Macalpine, K Matthews, JR Mould, G Neugebauer, IN Reid

Astronomical Journal | Published : 1991


Photometry and kinematics are presented for a sample of objective prism selected carbon stars towards the north and south Galactic poles. Distances are determined by fitting the infrared colors to a giant branch. If these stars are like the carbon stars seen in dwarf spheroidal galaxies, the median distance of the sample is 28 kpc. If they are more like the carbon stars found recently in the Galactic bulge, they may be only half as distant. The surface density of carbon stars as a function of distance is remarkably consistent with an R 1/4 density profile for the Galactic halo. This density profile can be traced to ≈15 scale radii and fills a volume similar to that occupied by globular clust..

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