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Deep hubble space telescope observations of blue star clusters in NGC 3597

MN Carlson, JA Holtzman, CJ Grillmair, JR Mould, RE Griffiths, GE Ballester, CJ Burrows, JT Clarke, D Crisp, RW Evans, JS Gallagher, JJ Hester, JG Hoessel, PA Scowen, KR Stapelfeldt, JT Trauger, AM Watson, JA Westphal

The Astronomical Journal | Published : 1999


We have analyzed HST/WFPC2 images of NGC 3597 and find ≃700 compact objects surrounding the galaxy with an average (B-R)o ≃ 0.6. We propose that the majority of these objects are young globular clusters. They have a spread in colors that is consistent with that expected for a population of young clusters with a common age and spread induced by photometric errors and reddening within NGC 3597. If these objects were similar to the Galactic globular cluster system seen at a younger age, we would predict a turnover in the luminosity function at B ≃ 23. However, we find that the luminosity function for the clusters is increasing to the limits of our photometry (B ≃ 27).

University of Melbourne Researchers

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