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A Cepheid distance to the fornax cluster and the local expansion rate of the Universe

BF Madore, WL Freedman, N Silbermann, P Harding, J Huchra, JR Mould, JA Graham, L Ferrarese, BK Gibson, M Han, JG Hoessel, SM Hughes, GD Illingworth, R Phelps, S Sakai, P Stetson

Nature | Published : 1998


Both galaxy distances and velocities are required for the determination of the expansion rate of the Universe, as described by the Hubble constant H0. The radial velocities of galaxies arise not just from this expansion but also from random components and largescale flows. To reach out to distances dominated by the overall cosmic expansion, it is necessary to probe large physical scales where galaxy-galaxy and galaxy-cluster interactions become less important. But accurate distances of nearby galaxies and clusters (commonly measured using Cepheid variable stars) are nevertheless required to calibrate the indirect distance indicators generally used to measure these large scales. Here we repor..

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