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Very low mass M dwarfs - Stars or brown dwarfs in disguise?

N Reid, CG Tinney, J Mould

The Astronomical Journal | Published : 1994


We have used radial velocity and proper motion observations to determine the space motions of a sample of 25 low-luminosity M dwarfs. We find that the solar motion and velocity dispersions of these stars are similar to the kinematics of a sample of more luminous, earlier type M dwarfs. However, there is evidence to indicate that when objects selected by photometric criteria alone are considered, the kinematics are more characteristic of an ∼3X108 year old population. This suggests that the faintest known stars may be younger on average than the local M dwarfs in the Galactic disk, indicating the possible presence of a number of brown dwarfs or transition objects in our sample of very low-mas..

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