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Stellar populations at the center of IC 1613 1

AA Cole, E Tolstoy, JS Gallagher, JG Hoessel, JR Mould, JA Holtzman, A Saha, GE Ballester, CJ Burrows, JT Clarke, D Crisp, RE Griffiths, CJ Grillmair, JJ Hester, JE Krist, V Meadows, PA Scowen, KR Stapelfeldt, JT Trauger, AM Watson Show all

Astronomical Journal | Published : 1999


We have observed the center of the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy IC 1613 with the WFPC2 aboard the Hubble Space Telescope in the F439W, F555W, and F814W filters. We analyze the resulting color-magnitude diagrams (CMDs) using the main-sequence and giant-branch luminosity functions and comparisons with theoretical stellar models to derive a preliminary star formation history for this galaxy. We find a dominant old stellar population (age ≈ 7 Gyr), identifiable by the strong red giant branch (RGB) and red clump populations. From the (V - I) color of the RGB, we estimate a mean metallicity of the intermediate-age stellar population [Fe/H] = -1.38 ± 0.31. We confirm a distance of 715 ± 40 kp..

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