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Internal dynamics of the dwarf elliptical NGC 185

EV Held, T De Zeeuw, J Mould, A Picard

Astronomical Journal | Published : 1992


Kinematic observations along the major and minor axis of the E2 dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 185 are presented. The velocity dispersion is constant at 28 ± 8 km s-1 between 3″ and 40″, but may increase to about twice that value in the center. We find an upper limit of 10 km s-1 for the rotation along either axis, so that the velocity distribution is anisotropic. The derived M/LB is ∼3 in solar units. Analysis of the kinematic and photometric data now available shows that giant ellipticals and dwarfs fall on a continuous sequence in the (L,σ) plane.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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