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A rich, nearby galaxy cluster in Sagittarius

S Djorgovski, DJ Thompson, RR De Carvalho, JR Mould

Astronomical Journal | Published : 1990


We report on the existence of a rich, heavily obscured galaxy cluster (or a set of clusters) in Sagittarius, centered near lII ≃ 359°, bII = 8°. About 30 objects, originally identified by Terzan and his collaborators, were imaged and followed up spectroscopically. We present here redshifts for 21 galaxies found among them. There is a pronounced concentration at cz ≃ 8600 km/s (containing 14 out of the 21 galaxies), and another possible concentration near cz ≃ 11 340 km/s (five out of 21). This putative Sagittarius cluster is probably part of a larger system, involving the Ophiuchus cluster at lII ≃ 1°, bII ≃ 9°, cz ≃ 8400 km/s, previously identified by Johnston et al. and Wakamatsu and Malka..

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