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The Hubble space telescope key project on the extragalactic distance scale. XXIV. The calibration of tully-fisher relations and the value of the Hubble constant

S Sakai, JR Mould, SMG Hughes, JP Huchra, LM Macri, RC Kennicutt, BK Gibson, L Ferrarese, WL Freedman, M Han, HC Ford, JA Graham, GD Illingworth, DD Kelson, BF Madore, K Sebo, NA Silbermann, PB Stetson

The Astrophysical Journal | Published : 2000


This paper presents the calibration of BVRIH-0.5 Tully-Fisher relations based on Cepheid distances to 21 galaxies within 25 Mpc and 23 clusters within 10,000 km s-1. These relations have been applied to several distant cluster surveys in order to derive a value for the Hubble constant, H0, mainly concentrating on an I-band all-sky survey by Giovanelli and collaborators, consisting of total I magnitudes and 50% line width data for ∼550 galaxies in 16 clusters. For comparison, we also derive the values of H0 using surveys in the B and V bands by Bothun and collaborators, and in H band by Aaronson and collaborators. Careful comparisons with various other databases from the literature suggest th..

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