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The Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Project. XVIII. The discovery of Cepheids and a new distance to NGC 4535 using the Hubble Space Telescope

LM Macri, JP Huchra, PB Stetson, NA Silbermann, WL Freedman, RC Kennicutt, JR Mould, BF Madore, F Bresolin, L Ferrarese, HC Ford, JA Graham, BK Gibson, M Han, P Harding, RJ Hill, JG Hoessel, SMG Hughes, DD Kelson, GD Illingworth Show all

The Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1999


We report on the discovery of Cepheids in the Virgo spiral galaxy NGC 4535, based on observations made with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 on board the Bubble Space Telescope (HST). NGC 4535 is one of 18 galaxies observed as a part of The HST Key Project on the Extragalactic Distance Scale, which aims to measure the Hubble constant to 10% accuracy. NGC 4535 was observed over 13 epochs using the F555W filter, and over 9 epochs using the F814W filter. The HST F555W and F814W data were transformed to the Johnson V and Kron-Cousins I magnitude systems, respectively. Photometry was performed using two independent programs, DoPHOT and DAOPHOT II/ALLFRAME. Period-luminosity relations in the ..

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