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Measuring the Hubble constant with the Hubble space telescope

RC Kennicutt, WL Freedman, JR Mould

Astronomical Journal | Published : 1995


The spectacular success of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) repair mission now makes it possible to realize one of the astrophysical goals for which the HST was designed. Despite recent progress in ground-based measurements of the distance scale, the value of the Hubble constant remains uncertain at the ±20%-30% level. The incompatibility of high values of H0 with the stellar age scale in an Einstein-de Sitter universe underscores the need for a definitive calibration of the distance scale. This paper briefly reviews the current status of the distance scale calibration, and describes ongoing programs to measure H0 with HST, with special emphasis on the Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Projec..

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