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A supernova at z = 0.458 and implications for measuring the cosmological deceleration

S Perlmutter, CR Pennypacker, G Goldhaber, A Goobar, RA Muller, HJM Newberg, J Desai, AG Kim, MY Kim, IA Small, BJ Boyle, CS Crawford, RG Mcmahon, PS Bunclark, D Carter, MJ Irwin, RJ Terlevich, RS Ellis, K Glazebrook, WJ Couch Show all

The Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1995


We have begun a program to discover high-redshift supernovae (z ≈ 0.25-0.5) and study them with follow-up photometry and spectroscopy. We report here our first discovery, a supernova at z = 0.458. The photometry for this supernova closely matches the light curve calculated for this redshift from the template of well-observed nearby Type Ia supernovae. We discuss the measurement of the deceleration parameter q0 using such high-redshift supernovae and give the best fit value assuming this one supernova is a normal, unextincted Type Ia. We describe the main sources of error in such a measurement of q0 and ways to reduce these errors.

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