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The age of the large magellanic cloud cluster NGC 1953

JR Mould, DA Xystus, GS Costa, RA Schommer

The Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1993


NGC 1953 is a globular cluster in the Large Magellanic Cloud. A color-magnitude diagram (C-M) is fitted with appropriate isochrones which indicate that the age of the cluster is 250 ± 50 million years. The C-M diagram also suggests that this cluster may contain a number of Cepheid variables. Spectroscopic observations reveal that the most luminous asymptotic giant branch star in the cluster is an S star, thus observationally confirming that the third dredge-up mechanism does occur in stars with initial masses at least as large as 3.4 M⊙. The spectrum of this AGB star also shows Balmer lines in emission, indicative of mass loss, and thus it is likely that the evolution of this star on the AGB..

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