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The dispersion in the near-infrared surface brightness fluctuations in the virgo cluster

MA Pahre, JR Mould

The Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1994


We observed NGC 3379 and nine Virgo elliptical galaxies at 2.16 μm using a NICMOS3 256 × 256 detector array. We have measured the surface brightness fluctuations in the K-band for all but one Virgo galaxy (an E/SO), thus extending the previous measurements in K by a factor of 3. We find for NGC 3379 that the apparent fluctuations magnitude mK = 24.48 ± 0.11, and we find no evidence at the 0.20 mag level for radial gradients in the apparent fluctuations magnitude. In the Virgo Cluster, we find that NGC 4365 has a similar fluctuation magnitude to the other galaxies in the sample, which is in contrast to previous I-band fluctuations observations which put it in the background W cloud; we note t..

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