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The faintest stars: From Schmidt plates to luminosity functions

CG Tinney, IN Reid, JR Mould

The Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1993


We describe the construction of photometric catalog from scans of IIIaF and IVN plate material in 11 fields of the UKSRC and POSSII surveys. The procedures used and quality checks applied are described in detail, and should be considered as illustrative for those planning scientific programs with the forthcoming scans of these surveys. We find our plate material is complete to I ≈ 18 and R ≈ 20.5 with photometric uncertainties of ±0.20 and ±0.25 magnitudes (respectively) at those limits. These data are used to construct luminosity functions for stars within 150 pc of the Sun in four distinct directions. We find no significant evidence for variations in the form of the luminosity function in ..

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