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A volume-limited sample of IRAS galaxies to 4000 km s-1. II. Neutral hydrogen observations from the Parkes telescope

J Roth, J Mould, L Staveley-Smith

The Astronomical Journal | Published : 1994


We have extracted a volume-limited sample of spiral galaxies within 4000 km s-1 from the Strauss et al. [ApJS, 83, 29 (1992)] redshift survey of IRAS galaxies. The purpose of the sample is to use distances obtained from the neutral hydrogen/near-infrared (I-band) Tully-Fisher relation to study deviations from uniform Hubble expansion. This will allow us to estimate the distribution of mass in the local universe and to place constraints on the value of the cosmological density parameter, Ω0. Here we report neutral hydrogen (H I) observations of 61 galaxies from this sample taken at the 64 m Parkes telescope, 48 of which resulted in measured linewidth parameters. Empirical estimates of random ..

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