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Molecular advances in understanding social insect population structure.

RH Crozier, BP Oldroyd, WT Tay, BE Kaufmann, RN Johnson, ME Carew, KM Jennings

Electrophoresis | Published : 1997


Social insects present many phenomena seen in all organisms but in more extreme forms and with larger sample sizes than those observable in most natural populations of vertebrates. Microsatellites are proving very much more informative than allozymes for the analysis of population biological problems, and prolifically polymorphic markers are fairly readily developed. In addition, the male-haploid genetic system of many social insects facilitates genetic analysis. The ability to amplify DNA from sperm stored in a female's sperm storage device enables the determination of mating types long after the death of the short-lived males, in addition to information on the degree of mixing of sperm fro..

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