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Elevated atmospheric [CO2] stimulates sugar accumulation and cellulose degradation rates of rice straw

C Zhu, X Xu, D Wang, J Zhu, G Liu, S Seneweera

GCB Bioenergy | Published : 2016


Rice straw can serve as potential material for bioenergy production. However, the quantitative effects of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration [CO2] on rice straw quality and the resulting consequences for bioenergy utilization are largely unknown. In this study, two rice varieties, WYJ and LY, that have been shown previously to have a weak and strong stimulatory response to rising [CO2], respectively, were grown with and without additional CO2 at China free-air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE) platform. Qualitative and quantitative measurements in response to [CO2] included straw biomass (including leaf, sheath, and stem), the concentration of nonstructural and structural car..

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