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Mitochondrial cytochrome c release is caspase-dependent and does not involve mitochondrial permeability transition in didemnin B-induced apoptosis.

DR Grubb, JD Ly, F Vaillant, KL Johnson, A Lawen

Oncogene | Published : 2001


Permeability transition, and a subsequent drop in mitochondrial membrane potential (DeltaPsi(m)), have been suggested to be mechanisms by which cytochrome c is released from the mitochondria into the cytosol during apoptosis. Furthermore, a drop in DeltaPsi(m) has been suggested to be an obligate early step in the apoptotic pathway. Didemnin B, a branched cyclic peptolide described to have immunosuppressive, anti-tumour, and anti-viral properties, induces rapid apoptosis in a range of mammalian cell lines. Induction of apoptosis by didemnin B in cultured human pro-myeloid HL-60 cells is the fastest and most complete ever described with all cells being apoptotic after 3 h of treatment. By uti..

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