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A full-length Cbfa1 gene product perturbs T-cell development and promotes lymphomagenesis in synergy with myc.

F Vaillant, K Blyth, A Terry, M Bell, ER Cameron, J Neil, M Stewart

Oncogene | Published : 1999


The Cbfa1/PEBP2 alpha A/AML3 gene plays an essential role in osteogenesis but is also expressed in the T-cell lineage where it has been implicated in lymphoma development as a target for retroviral insertional mutagenesis. As lymphoma cells with til-1 insertion express at least five distinct Cbfa1 isoforms, it is important to establish which, if any, have intrinsic oncogenic potential. We have generated transgenic mice in which the most abundant lymphoma isoform (G1/p57) is expressed under the control of the CD2 locus control region. Co-precipitation analysis of transgenic thymus revealed high levels of Cbfa1 protein in an abundant complex containing the binding cofactor Cbfb. CD2-Cbfa1-G1 m..

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