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Human cell mutants with very low mitochondrial DNA copy number (rho d).

F Vaillant, P Nagley

Human Molecular Genetics | Published : 1995


Mutants of human Namalwa cells are described, denoted rho d (mtDNA-depleted), which contain a very low mtDNA copy number. Three isolates, denoted FV02, FV03 and FV05, each selected on the basis of their pyruvate-dependent phenotype, were shown to have severely reduced mitochondrial respiratory functions consistent with results of histochemical and cytochrome analysis. Analyses of mtDNA by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and Southern blotting indicated that FV02, FV03 and FV05 each contained a full complement of mtDNA sequences, 16.6 kb in length, in circular form but at a greatly reduced level compared with that of parent rho + cells. Quantitative PCR tests showed first, that the parent ..

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