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Caffeine enhances sympathetic purinergic and noradrenergic transmission in the guinea-pig isolated vas deferens.

J Ziogas, M O'Farrell, M Slaughter

Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol | Published : 1995


Intracellular recording techniques were used to monitor the resting membrane potential of smooth muscle cells and the excitatory junction potentials (EJPs) evoked by stimulation of the hypogastric nerve. Stimulation with trains of 15 pulses at 1 Hz or 0.33 Hz evoked individual EJPs which increased in amplitude from the first pulse and reached a plateau after 6-8 pulses. Stimulation at 1 Hz resulted in EJPs facilitating to a plateau level of approximately 25 mV, whereas with stimulation at 0.33 Hz the EJPs only facilitated to a plateau level of about 12 mV. With stimulation at 1 Hz, caffeine (3 mM and 10 mM), increased the amplitude of the first few EJPs in each train and decreased the extent..

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