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An electrophysiological study of the actions of angiotensin II at the sympathetic neuroeffector junction in the guinea-pig vas deferens.

J Ziogas, TC Cunnane

Br J Pharmacol | Published : 1991


1. The effects of angiotensin II on sympathetic neuroeffector transmission in the guinea-pig vas deferens have been investigated by the use of intracellular and focal extracellular recording techniques to measure indirectly, the release of adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP). 2. Angiotensin II (10-100 nM) did not alter the amplitude of the first excitatory junction potential (e.j.p.) in a train but increased the amplitude of subsequent There was a corresponding increase in the probability of occurrence of extracellularly recorded evoked excitatory junction currents (e.j.cs). Spontaneous quantal transmitter release was unaffected by angiotensin II. 3. The enhancement of transmitter releas..

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