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Tree decline in southeastern Australia: Nitrate reductase activity and indications of unbalanced nutrition in Eucalyptus ovata (Labill.) and E. camphora (R.T. Baker) communities at Yellingbo, Victoria.

L Granger, S Kasel, MA Adams

Oecologia | Published : 1994


The decline of riparian Eucalyptus camphora/E. ovata stands is examined in relation to an increase in nitrogen availability and to rising salinity in low-lying areas. There are several indications that declining stands are abnormally rich in N: (i) Nitrogen availability in declining stands was greater than that recorded in other Australian forests, was dominated by nitrification and was extremely variable. (ii) Nitrate concentrations in free soil water from declining forest on a dry site were many times those in the corresponding healthy forest. (iii) N/Mg ratios in foliage of declining trees on drier sites were at the extreme end of the recorded range and similar to those found in eucalypt ..

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