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Failure to confirm abnormal copper utilization in crinkler (cr) mice.

JR Mann, J Camakaris, JM Gillespie, B Koellreuter, JM Matthieu, PM Royce, DM Danks

Biol Trace Elem Res | Published : 1981


A number of aspects of copper utilization have been studied in crinkled mice, the symptoms of which have been claimed to result from copper deficiency. In none of these aspects has any evidence been found to support this contention.1. Copper concentrations in liver, kidney, and brain, and serum ceruloplasmin oxidase activity were normal incr/cr mice.2. Copper concentrations in cultured lung fibroblasts and kidney epithelial cells derived fromcr/cr mice were normal.3. The elution profile of bound copper by gel-filtration chromatography of liver homogenates was the same in +/? andcr/cr mice.4. Neither maternal nor direct copper supplementation resulted in any reduction in mortality ofcr/cr mic..

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