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Comparisons of copper deficiency states in the murine mutants blotchy and brindled. Changes in copper-dependent enzyme activity in 13-day-old mice.

M Phillips, J Camakaris, DM Danks

Biochem J | Published : 1986


The activity of two copper-dependent enzymes, cytochrome c oxidase and copper, zinc-superoxide dismutase, was determined in six tissues of age-matched (13-day-old) copper-deficient mutant and normal mice. In the two mutants 'brindled' and 'blotchy', brain, heart and skeletal muscle had significant enzyme deficiencies. Cytochrome c oxidase was more severely affected than was superoxide dismutase. In these three tissues the degree of deficiency could be correlated with decreased copper concentration; however, enzyme activity was normal in liver, kidney and lung, despite abnormal copper concentrations in these tissues. In nutritionally copper-deficient mice, all six tissues showed decreased enz..

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