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Copper metabolism in mottled mouse (Mus musculus) mutants. Studies of blotchy (Moblo) mice and a comparison with brindled (Mobr) mice.

JR Mann, J Camakaris, N Francis, DM Danks

Biochem J | Published : 1981


1. Copper concentrations were low in many organs of Moblo/Y mice, but very high in the gut. Absorption of 64Cu was seen to be very low when related to the absorption of cyano[57Co]cobalamin. The results in Moblo/+ mice were intermediate. 2. Copper therapy temporarily ameliorated many effects of the mutation in Moblo/Y mice, but did not improve the rate of weight gain as has been achieved previously in Mobr/Y mice. Lower capacity for a 'depot dose' effect at the site of injection may explain the difference. 3. The distribution of 64Cu after administration into the bloodstream of Moblo/Y mice altered from an initially normal state to one that resembled the abnormal distribution of pre-existing..

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