Conference Proceedings

The role of the insulin-like growth factor system in the developing brain.

GA Werther, V Russo, N Baker, G Butler

Hormone Research in Paediatrics | Published : 1998


Insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) play a central role in brain growth and development, with IGF-1, its receptors and binding proteins (IGFBPs) being highly expressed, particularly in the olfactory bulb (OB), representing a local paracrine system. A potential role of IGFBPs in transporting and targeting IGFs to their receptors is supported by the finding that abundant IGFBP-2 is associated with cell surface proteoglycans. An OB organ culture system expressing IGF-1 and IGFBPs represents an in vitro injury model. Although IGF-1 is potently antiapoptotic for neurons and oligodendrocytes, marked gliosis and IGFBP-3 expression are seen, similar to in vivo injury responses, where intraventricular..

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