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Spatial and temporal processing of threshold data for detection of progressive glaucomatous visual field loss.

Paul GD Spry, Chris A Johnson, Alex B Bates, Andrew Turpin, Balwantray C Chauhan

Arch Ophthalmol | Published : 2002


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of spatial and temporal filtering of threshold visual field data on the ability of pointwise linear regression (PLR) to detect progressive glaucomatous visual field loss. METHODS: Longitudinal visual field data (Full-Threshold Program 30-2 test point pattern) were simulated using a computer model of glaucomatous visual field progression. This approach permitted construction of a "gold standard" because matching visual field data without variability could be generated and analyzed. Four clustered progressive defects were produced, consisting of 2, 3, 9, and 18 locations, respectively, each with progression rates of -1 and -2.5 dB/y. Pointwise linear regressio..

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