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Pathotyping isolates of Newcastle disease virus using antipeptide antibodies to pathotype-specific regions of their fusion and hemagglutinin-neuraminidase proteins.

DB Scanlon, GL Corino, BJ Shiell, AJ Della-Porta, RJ Manvell, DJ Alexander, AN Hodder, JJ Gorman

Arch Virol | Published : 1999


Antipeptide antibodies have been evaluated for their abilities to predict the characteristics of the cleavage motifs of the fusion protein precursors (F0) of 25 isolates of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) with a range of virulences, grouped into 12 sets according to their monoclonal antibody reactivities. A Western blot format was used to show that antisera to synthetic peptides representing sequences at the C-termini of the F2-polypeptides of defined pathotypes of NDV usually distinguish between pathotypes on the basis of their Fo cleavage sequences. However, exceptions were found with three groups of virulent isolates. Protein sequencing and mass spectral analysis of the F2-polypeptide of is..

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