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Antipeptide antibodies for analysis of pathotype-specific variations in cleavage activation of the membrane glycoprotein precursors of Newcastle disease virus isolates in cultured cells.

JJ Gorman, AN Hodder, PW Selleck, E Hansson

J Virol Methods | Published : 1992


Antipeptide antibodies have been produced which target regions either side of the cleavage activation sites of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) membrane glycoprotein precursors. Use of complementary pairs of antibodies in Western blot analysis of mercaptoethanol-reduced extracts of NDV-infected BHK-21 cells enabled analysis of the susceptibilities of NDV fusion protein precursors (Fo-proteins) to cleavage activation in these cells. In addition, it was possible to determine whether or not isolates produce haemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN)-proteins in precursor forms (HNo-proteins). This assay system has been evaluated with a series of Australian isolates of NDV with well defined virulence proper..

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