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Prevalence and treatment of vitamin D deficiency in children on anticonvulsant drugs.

J Silver, TJ Davies, E Kupersmitt, M Orme, A Petrie, F Vajda

Arch Dis Child | Published : 1974


Bone metabolism was studied in a group of adolescent epileptic children given anticonvulsant drugs and compared with a matched group of nonepileptic children living in the same institutional environment. Biochemical evidence of vitamin D deficiency was more common in treated children than in controls, and 3 out of 60 children taking anticonvulsants had radiological evidence of rickets. The signs of vitamin D deficiency could not be corrected by giving 5 μg (200 IU) cholecalciferol daily for 12 weeks, but disappeared after treatment with 75 μg (3000 IU) cholecalciferol weekly for a further 12 weeks. Thus, in a residential home in southeast England the increased nutritional requirement for vit..

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