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Sodium valproate: dose-plasma level relationships and interdose fluctuations.

FJ Vajda, GW Mihaly, JL Miles, PM Morris, PF Bladin

Clinical and Experimental Neurology | Published : 1978


Individual dose-plasma level relationships were studied in 14 chronically treated epileptics, 10 of whom were concomitantly receiving other anticonvulsants besides valproate. Linear regression analysis showed each individual relationship to be linear with correlation co-efficients ranging from 0.9137 to 0.9997. A considerable inter-individual variation was found to exist in the slopes of the regression lines (range: 0.86 to 5.72). This may be the consequence of differences in absorption characteristics and metabolic handling of the drug. The results indicate that a proportional rise in plasma sodium valproate levels can be expected following dosage increments in an individual patient. Hourly..

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