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Two versatile eukaryotic expression vectors permitting epitope tagging, radiolabelling and nuclear localisation of expressed proteins

O Georgiev, JP Bourquin, M Gstaiger, L Knoepfel, W Schaffner, C Hovens

Gene | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 1996


Two versatile eukaryotic expression vectors have been developed which permit the production of an epitope-tagged cDNA insert by transient transfection in mammalian cells or by in vitro transcription-translation. The first vector, pCATCH, can be used to clone cDNA inserts in three different frames via eight unique restriction sites in a multiple cloning site (MCS) located downstream from both the FLAG epitope and the specific heart muscle kinase phosphorylation site, conferring the possibility of in vitro radiolabelling. A specific protease cleavage site enables the removal of the FLAG epitope, simplifying affinity purification of recombinant CATCH proteins. pCATCH possesses stop codons in al..

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