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Acute Chest Pain Investigation: Utility of Cardiac CT Angiography in Guiding Troponin Measurement

Arthur Nasis, Ian T Meredith, Nitesh Nerlekar, James D Cameron, Paul R Antonis, Philip M Mottram, Michael C Leung, John M Troupis, Marcus Crossett, Anthony G Kambourakis, George Braitberg, Udo Hoffmann, Sujith K Seneviratne

Radiology | RADIOLOGICAL SOC NORTH AMERICA | Published : 2011


PURPOSE: To assess the impact on length of stay and rate of major adverse cardiovascular events of a cardiac computed tomographic (CT) angiography-guided algorithm to examine patients who present to the emergency department (ED) with low- to intermediate-risk chest pain. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study was approved by the institutional review board, and all patients gave written informed consent. Two hundred three consecutive patients (mean age, 55 years ± 11 [standard deviation]; 123 men) with low- to intermediate-risk ischemic-type chest pain were prospectively enrolled. Patients underwent initial cardiac CT angiography with subsequent treatment determined by reference to findings at card..

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