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K-shell ionization under zone-axis electron-diffraction conditions.

TW Josefsson, LJ Allen, PR Miller, CJ Rossouw

Phys Rev B Condens Matter | Published : 1994


A comprehensive theoretical treatment for the inelastic scattering of fast electrons in a crystalline environment is applied to account for variations in characteristic x-ray emission rates from spinel and chromia under zone-axis diffraction conditions for 300-keV electrons. X-ray counts as well as backscattered-electron contrast are recorded as the beam is tilted by about 70 mrad on a two-dimensional scan raster. Calculated K-shell ionization and backscattering cross sections, based on a model which takes into account interaction delocalization, thermal diffuse scattering, and the consequent thickness-dependent channelling effects in a realistic way, are in good agreement with experiment. ©..

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