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Tensor polarization and magnetic form factor and the percentage D state of the deuteron

LJ Allen, H Fiedeldey

Physical Review C | Published : 1981


The elastic electron-deutron electric and magnetic form factors A(q) and B(q) and tensor polarization T21 have been calculated for a family of phase equivalent deuteron wave functions with a percentage D state PD varying from 4.5 to 7.5% (generated by unitary transformation from the super-soft-core potential of de Tourreil and Sprung). It is demonstrated that measurements of T21 for momentum transfers in the range 02 q26 fm-1 would not allow us to discriminate between all physically reasonable deuteron wave functions with different PD. We also find that accurate measurements of B(q) in the region 42 q2 6 fm-1 are likely to narrow down the allowable range of values of PD a priori, without the..

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