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Effects of thermal diffuse scattering and surface tilt on diffraction and channeling of fast electrons in CdTe.

LJ Allen, CJ Rossouw

Phys Rev B Condens Matter | Published : 1989


A Bloch-wave model for propagating a fast-electron wave through a noncentrosymmetric crystal for non-normal incidence is discussed, as well as approximations for linearizing the equations. Calculations which simulate {111} systematic row diffraction conditions in CdTe are used to illustrate how the tilt of the surface with respect to the diffracting planes affects the fast-electron wave function in the crystal. The influence of thermal diffuse scattering (TDS) removes possible ambiguity from the interpretation of alchemi-type experiments [J. C. H. Spence and J. Taftø, J. Microsc. 130, 147 (1983)] in determining the polarity of noncentrosymmetric crystals. The inclusion of mean and anomalous ..

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