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Interaction delocalization in characteristic X-ray emission from light elements

LJ Allen, TW Josefsson, CJ Rossouw

Ultramicroscopy | Published : 1994


Recently the first observation of channeling effect in oxygen K-shell X-ray emission was reported in this journal by Qian et al. [Ultramicroscopy 41 (1992) 147], who pointed out that this would allow oxygen to be used as a reference site in atom location by channelling enhanced microanalysis (ALCHEMI) applied to oxides. Experimental results for characteristic X-ray emission in spinel are reported which confirm their results. Calculations of ionization cross sections and the effective ionization potential for each of the constituent atoms of the spinel MgAl2O4 have been carried out from first principles. This allows a quantitative theoretical insight into the channeling effect for the light e..

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