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Whole body protein turnover in chronically undernourished individuals.

MJ Soares, LS Piers, PS Shetty, AA Jackson, JC Waterlow

Clin Sci (Lond) | Published : 1994


1. Two groups of adult men were studied in Bangalore, India, under identical conditions: the 'normal weight' subjects (mean body mass index 20.8 kg/m2) were medical students of the institute with access to habitual energy and protein intakes ad libitum. The other group, designated 'undernourished', were labourers on daily wages (mean body mass index 16.7 kg/m2). 2. In an earlier study we obtained lower absolute values for both basal metabolic rate and protein synthesis in the undernourished subjects; however, when the data were expressed on a body weight or fat-free mass basis, a trend towards higher rates of protein synthesis, as well as higher basal metabolic rate, was evident. The suggest..

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