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The effect of oral contraceptive agents on the basal metabolic rate of young women.

B Diffey, LS Piers, MJ Soares, K O'Dea

Br J Nutr | Published : 1997


The use of oral contraceptive agents by women may be a factor that contributes to the observed inter-individual variability in the BMR. We, therefore, measured the BMR, body build and composition in two groups of young women and also assessed their self-reported level of physical activity. One group had been using oral contraceptive agents for a period of 6 months or more (OCA, n 24), while the other group had never used oral contraceptives (NOCA, n 22). There were no significant differences in age, body build or composition. The absolute BMR in the groups were not significantly different when compared using an unpaired t test (OCA: 5841 (SD 471) v. NOCA: 5633 (SD 615) kJ/d). However, using ..

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