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Thermic effect of a meal. 1. Methodology and variation in normal young adults.

LS Piers, MJ Soares, T Makan, PS Shetty

Br J Nutr | Published : 1992


The variation in the thermic effect of a meal (TEM) was investigated in two groups of five subjects following a standard test meal. Results demonstrated a 50% lower response over 6 h, in the same subjects, when measured intermittently (protocol 2) as compared with a continuous measurement (protocol 1). The variation in TEM among occasions (measured on three occasions in each subject) was large (coefficient of variation (CV) 18.7%, P less than 0.02). However, the post-meal total energy output (CV 1.4%, P greater than 0.05), non-protein respiratory quotient (CV 1.9%, P greater than 0.05) and substrate oxidation rate were not different (P greater than 0.05) in the same individual on separate oc..

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