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Basal metabolic rate, body composition and whole-body protein turnover in Indian men with differing nutritional status.

MJ Soares, LS Piers, PS Shetty, S Robinson, AA Jackson, JC Waterlow

Clin Sci (Lond) | Published : 1991


1. Three groups of adult men were studied in Bangalore, India: two groups were controls who had been receiving an adequate diet. Of these, one group, designated 'normal weight controls', had a mean body mass index of 22; the other group, 'underweight controls', had a mean body mass index of 16.7. The third group consisted of poor labourers, whose daily food intake had been less than 10 MJ and whose mean body mass index was 16.6. Previous studies had shown that such men had a lower basal metabolic rate than well-nourished Indian control subjects. 2. The object of the present study was to find out whether a reduced rate of protein turnover, measured after a single dose of [15N]glycine, contrib..

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