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Day-to-day variations in basal metabolic rates and energy intakes of human subjects.

MJ Soares, LS Piers, L Kraai, PS Shetty

Eur J Clin Nutr | Published : 1989


Variations in BMR, body weight and energy intake were measured for 14 consecutive days in 6 young adults on ad libitum energy intakes, whose physical activity was uncontrolled. Energy intakes showed significant differences between days (P less than 0.025, CV = 6.7 per cent), between weeks (P less than 0.005, CV = 8.9 per cent) and between subjects (P less than 0.005, CV = 7.9 per cent). Energy intakes were 14 per cent higher (P less than 0.01) at weekends. Intra-individual variance contributed up to 86 per cent of the total variance in the energy intake. Replicate BMR measurements showed non-significant differences from day to day (CV less than 1.5 per cent), a training effect from week to w..

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