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V1 partially solves the stereo aperture problem

Piers DL Howe, Margaret S Livingstone

Cerebral Cortex | OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC | Published : 2006


If a bar stimulus extends beyond a cell's receptive field, then alterations in binocular disparity parallel to the bar's orientation leave the portion of the stimulus within the cell's receptive field unchanged. This makes it hard for the cell to respond correctly to the bar's disparity. Likening the cell's receptive field to an aperture through which the cell views the world, this issue has been called the "aperture problem" and is a specific form of the more general stereo correspondence problem. We found no cells in macaque primary visual cortex (V1) that, when faced with this situation, were sensitive to the disparity of the bar. However, we did find a number of cells that showed sensiti..

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