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Desmanthus virgatus (L.) Willd. an efficient intermediate host for the parasitic species Santalum album L. in Timor, Indonesia.

JED Fox, AI Doronila, DR Barrett, IK Surata

Journal of sustainable forestry. | Published : 1996


In cultivation, sandalwoods suffer high seedling losses both in the nursery and when transplanted to the field. It was hypothesised that early haustorial connection to an efficient pot host should enhance growth and survival in both nursery and field. Nursery performance of Santalum album was contrasted with a range of species as initial- or nursery-stage hosts for plantation establishment in Timor. With pot-hosts of Desmanthus virgatus, Crotalaria juncea L. or Alternanthera cv., sandalwood grows rapidly to a mean height > 25 cm at < 26 weeks from sowing. These species are superior pot-hosts to the traditional Capsicum frutescens L. Subsequent field performance over 4 years is best with thos..

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